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Features of our service

Our Spanish-as-a-Foreign-Language Program focuses on the development of communication skills through diverse real-life situations, where the learner solves communication needs using spoken or written language. We promote the use of language by embracing all challenges implied, thus maximizing the benefits of our method. Language use is set to trial at each learning stage, bringing about scenarios for constant feedback and adjustment.

Escuela Virtual Primaria y Secundaria

Spanish for Kids
(6 through 10 year old)

Our program is designed so as to ease the learning process for children, favoring the use of games and entertaining activities. Through videos, songs, different kinds of games and social activities, children broaden their vocabulary, thus strengthening communicative skills in a short time; this enables them to use Spanish for interaction in diverse situations.  Suited to individual needs, our program integrates previous knowledge and learning styles, building on a model that prioritizes meaningful interaction and foreign-language comprehension.

Spanish for juniors
(11 through 16 year old)

Considering the diversity of interests that engage youths in this time and age, our program is designed in such a way that Spanish is taught in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, integrating learning with meaningful and familiar contexts. Incorporating gamification strategies through the use of games as learning sources, diverse topics such as music, film, art, environment and video games are touched upon, making for an extraordinary learning experience.

Spanish for juniors (11 through 16 year old)

Spanish for Profesionals

Aware of the fact that globalization poses a growing demand for more competent professionals able of assertive communication at varying settings, we offer a program conceived around the use of Spanish in real-life situations. Objectives are fine-tuned to meet the specific needs and learning styles of each individual student. The undertaking of interesting and enjoyable projects that challenge students, promotes the development of spoken and written proficiency.

Spanish for Seniors

For those adults who wish to learn the Spanish language with the goal of interacting at different stages, we put at your disposal our varied, hands-on, learning activities to boost communication skills. We encourage engagement in pleasant conversation around varied themes of interest such as literature, film and history, among others.


Cost per 60-minute class: USD 20.00

Minimum of 4 classes per month: USD 80.00